Citizenship Quiz

Each year, in Nevada there are thousands of eligible immigrants who want to achieve the American Dream by becoming U.S. Citizens. Each year, the Asian Community Development Council assists hundreds of eligible individuals to become U.S. Citizens by helping them complete their Naturalization applications, and by providing Civics classes that further prepare them for the Citizenship Interview. Civics classes help applicants study and understand the 100 Civics questions of our nation’s history and government. They aim to achieve the American dream. The quiz below is a sample of questions that an applicant will need to answer. While these questions may be challenging for some, ACDC is there to help in every step of the process, helping transform the lives of many immigrants on their path to U.S. Citizenship. These citizenship quizzes show you how difficult their path can be and how the work of ACDC can transform the life of many immigrants and refugees.

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