Updated: 7/02/2018
The scholarships listed below are scholarships collected by the ACDC staff that have various requirements and may be major specific. We highly encourage you to visit the following sites on a regular basis to continue your scholarship search as they update automatically and continuously:


Name of Scholarship Amount Deadline
 Ronald Regan Foundation $10,000 TBA
Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund  Varies  TBA
Cox and Asian Community Development Council Diversity Scholarship $3,500 TBA
Cox and The OCA Diversity Scholarship $3,500 TBA
NV Energy Scholarships  $1,000  TBA
Indian-American Scholarship Foundation  $8,000  TBA
Korean American Scholarship Foundation Varies TBA
OCA – UPS Gold Mountain Scholar $2,000 TBA
US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Scholarships $3,000 – $5,000 TBA

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