Get Out To Vote 2016

An advocacy project by the Asian Community Development Council to get more Nevada residents registered as a voter and get involved with statewide voting. Outreach was done by having voting tables at community events, college campus, and employee areas in Casino properties. Youth voter engagement was done by presenting at the beginning of Government Class and student groups in high schools. This campaign has registered over 2100 people.

Corporate Outreach

Voting booths were set in employee areas at various casino properties to engage casino workers to register as a voter. Voting booths were also set up at non-casino properties.

Community Outreach

Voting booths were set at various community events as well as outreaching to local high school’s government classes and student organizations.

Asian Community Development Council President, Vida Lin and managers Cherina Klevin and Marc Matsuo were interviewed on KNPR (Nevada Public Radio) about the importance of voting from the Asian American community.

Asian Community Development Council were assisted by CSN volunteers to help with voter registration on CSN’s Henderson Campus.

Asian Community Development Council had a voting table at the Hawaiian Festival in Henderson.

Asian Community Development Council had a voting table at the Chinese New Year Festival in Chinatown.

Asian Community Development Council helped Western High School JAG student group to register as a voter.

Asian Community Development Council led a mock caucus event for the community to learn about the process of caucusing in a Republican and Democratic party. The event had 100+ attendance.

Community Partners

Asian Community Development Council have partnered with the following community organizations to increase more Nevada residents registered as a voter.

  • OCA Las Vegas
  • ACRC
  • iAmerica
  • Chinese American Group


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