ACDC – Asian Community Development Council

College Readiness Bootcamp 2016

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The 2nd Annual College Readiness Bootcamp presented by the Asian Community Development Council. A one day bootcamp to prepare Asian and Pacific Islander high school students to prepare for college. Each workshop will have a panel of experts from university faculty to college students. The following topics for the workshops are:

  • What is Financial Aid and How to get “Some”
  • Applying for Scholarships from Colleges vs. Other Donors
  • Applying for Grants from the Government, Colleges & Professional Associations
  • Study Skills Required for College
  • The Advantages of Working while in College as an Intern
  • Planning a Career in the Health Sciences
  • Planning a Career in the Hospitality Industry
  • Writing the College Essay

Special raffle prizes at the bootcamp included 3 weekend ACT prep sessions and 1 SAT prep course ($1,000 value)

Testimonial from Attendee

As a student, I found that the “College lie” section was very informative. Hearing from upper classmen and their advice is very useful. It has something I could relate to and it has enjoyable, hearing from younger representative.”