ACDC – Asian Community Development Council

Food Assistance

How to Apply for the Food Assistance Program

Submit a complete application for Every Person who lives in your household with the following verification:


1. Proof of identity for every household member (such as driver’s license, government issued I.D., school I.D., etc.)
2. Proof of Nevada Residency (Nevada Driver’s License, rental/lease agreement, utility bill)
3. Proof of ALL income (earned and unearned) for Every Person in the household. Examples of types of income: Employment, social security benefits, Veterans benefits, retirement pension, unemployment
insurance, money from family and/or friends, TANF.
4. Have a gross monthly household income that does not exceed the amount shown in the chart below.

DISCLAIMER: This program is for clients to receive assistance for up to six months based on funding.

*According to the HHS Poverty Guidelines of 2024

(Available in Tagalog, 한국어, 中文,日本語, ไทย, Tiếng Việt)

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