ACDC – Asian Community Development Council

Ms. Asian North America Pageant

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Ms. Asian North America is an organization that provides a platform to promote leadership, cultural awareness, and talent among Asian American women. The Pageant will also help to elevate the Asian American culture by producing a high quality show each year to showcase the delegates personal and humanitarian goals as well as their overall essence of intellect, talent, and beauty. Throughout the year, Miss Asian North America will work to encourage all our delegates and its new queen and court to participate in numerous national community events to inspire and educate the public the various Asian Cultures that exist in society today.

The 2016 Ms. Asian North America Pageant was held at the Venetian. This is the rebranding of the original Miss Asian Las Vegas. 19 delegates participated at the in the pageant with over 1,200 attendees to the finale on Saturday, July 9th, 2016.