ACDC – Asian Community Development Council

ACDC Atlanta Statement


Las Vegas (March 17, 2020) – The Asian Community Development Council (ACDC) is outraged and heartbroken by the latest act of deadly violence in Georgia that appears to have targeted the Asian American Pacific Islander community. The shooting spree in the Atlanta area on March 16 killed eight people. Six of those who died were identified as Asian and seven of them were women. At least four of those killed were of Korean descent.

This comes after a year of alarming increase in attacks on the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community across the country and growing fears among the AAPI community here in Nevada.

“Racially motivated violence against anyone in our community should never be tolerated,” said ACDC’s founder and president Vida Lin. “Our AAPI brothers and sisters, especially the vulnerable and the elderly, deserve to feel safe when they walk the streets in their neighborhoods or when they are at work trying to make a living for their families. It’s time we all speak up to make sure these acts of heinous crimes fueled by by hate do not happen again.”

In the coming days, ACDC’s staff and volunteers are working with local and national resources to ensure that we protect the vulnerable and support our victims and their families.

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