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The Asian Community Development Council is outraged and heartbroken by the latest act of deadly violence in Georgia that appears to have targeted the Asian American Pacific Islander community. Most of the victims killed in the shooting spree were people of Asian descent. This horrific crime comes one year after we have seen a significant rise in anti-Asian violence and sentiments across the country, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are committed to continuing to find resources to protect the vulnerable and support our victims and their families. See below for resources:



  • Celine Liu: Therapist, Mandarin speaker | 702-997-3599
  • ACDC EducAsian Livestream Series: The Impact of Anti-Asian Racism on Mental Health – We talk with Dr. Huong Diep on how racism can impact the AAPI community’s mental health learn how to take care of yourselves during this time.
  • ACDC EducAsian Livestream Series: The Impact of Anti-Asian Racism on Mental Health [官话] – We talk with Celine Liu about mental health within the AAPI community, how to identify and respond to microaggressions, and how our community can cope with the impact of racism on mental health. **Discussion in Mandarin and English**
  • AAPI Therapist Directory


  • GoFundMe: Stop Asian Hate – Officially organized by GoFundMe, the ‘Support the AAPI Community Fund’ aims to condemn hate, addressing the urgent issues that face the AAPI community as well as broader, systemic problems. With the donations received through the Fund, will issue grants to trusted AAPI organizations working to rectify the racial inequalities in our society.
  • National OrganizationsSee this comprehensive list of Asian organizations across the country that serve the Asian community in multiple ways.
  • ACDC: Our organization will work hard to continue supporting the AAPI community, especially during this time. Donations received will go towards our programs to uplift our AAPI community members and Asian-owned businesses.


  • Bystander Intervention TrainingAdvancing Justice | Chicago is partnering with New York-based nonprofit Hollaback! and CAIR-Chicago to plan and implement an aggressive scaling up of locally-led bystander hate incident intervention trainings for community members. Learn about how you can confidently intervene if you witness Anti-Asian harassment while protecting your own safety. See a guide for bystander intervention training here.
  • PBS : Asian Americans – Watch the film serious to learn about the history of Asian Americans in the United States including our contributions, struggles, experiences, and more.
  • Racial Discrimination– What steps you can take if you are a victim  of racial discrimination in the workplace.



  • Anti-Racism and Mental Health Resources
  • Columbia Engineering Boot Camps created 50 Free Anti – Racism and Mental Health resources for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Glass Ceiling in STEM. The free resources  are designed to help foster the wellbeing and professional growth of Asian STEM professionals and newcomers. Resources to support Asian STEM professionals in the workforce, including allyships, unconscious bias prevention, and more, are also included.